8 volwassene leren piano spelen aan de hand NOTUS MUzieknotatie.   Hoofduitvoerder van het onderzoek: Erwin Clauws (prof. grafisch ontwerper/typograaf met specialisatie visuele communicatie en docent Beeldende Kunst, ontwikkelaar van NOTUS Muzieknotatie).  Promotor van het onderzoek: Frank Agsteribbe (componist/docent aan het Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen). De onderzoeksaanvraag werd goedgekeurd op 17 november 2017 door de Raad van de Schools of Arts Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen na positieve adviezen van de Leescommissie Kunsten en de Onderzoeksraad. Inhoud van het onderzoek Een...

In the autumn of 1913, Erik Satie, famous for his Gnossiennes and Gymnopédies, wrote nine exciting piano pieces for children. These are spread out over three volumes each containing three works: MENUS PROPOS ENFANTINS, ENFANTILLAGES PITTORESQUES and PECCADILLES IMPORTUNES.

These pieces, in all their simplicity, bear the qualities so characteristic of Satie's work; they are playful, mischievous, a little cynical and most of all idiosyncratic.

They are all five-finger pieces, which means that the player's hands remain in the same... more

For the music and piano layman! In the short space of three months, you’ll learn to read the 88 notes of the piano as well as how to play them without looking down at your fingers. Enjoy discovering the sounds of ALL the white and black keys and build a solid foundation of music theory with this book’s many exercises and original compositions. 

This book is all about learning by doing!

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The renowned Notus Handbook Part 1 will soon be available in English. This handbook describes the problems of conventional notation and the solutions proposed by Notus. These solutions are often fundamentally innovative but always thoroughly developed and integrated into this complete system. The pedagogical advantages of Notus versus conventional notation are also underscored throughout the book.

Five appendices are included for beginners, containing basic music theory clarified using Notus notation in conjunction with the new Notus intervals legend.

The book is designed to... more